Mining Farms. Done Right.

Square designs, manufactures and deploys high performance computing solutions for the blockchain industry. Our high-density infrastructure enables rapid deployment of assets while reducing land requirements of traditional operations. Designed, built and serviced in North America, we offer a fully integrated solution from power infrastructure to hosting enclosures.


Tiny Footprint

Square has the most efficient and highest density outdoor mining enclosures on the market. Our patented design allows for significant cost savings due to the lower footprint required. This means your sites can be installed faster, with less labor and less cost associated with electrical wiring and site preparation.


Rapid Production

No more waiting for cargo ships to arrive. Our North American manufacturing facilities are tooled specifically for rapid construction of mining infrastructure. We are able to turn out equipment in a scheduled, phased approach to ensure that capital is deployed effectively.


We Have You Covered

Our team will engage with industry leading experts to ensure that the installation of your equipment is done right the first time. We cover all the bases from site preparation to electrical infrastructure. Or partners are battle tested in building large cryptocurrency farms and have a proven record of meeting expected deadlines.


High Density

We can house over 700 Antminer S9 units and operate in 30C weather, rain or shine.

Certified Electrical

Our enclosures are fully UL and CSA approved to save you time on inspection.


Power circuits and cooling system can be remotely managed through an optional on-board PLC system.

Fully Modular

Miner racks, electrical components and cooling system are easy to service or replace in the event of failure.

Miner Agnostic

Because our system is modular we can manufacture racking and power systems for any commercially available miner.


Electrical components are easily replaced if equipment power demand increases. Need to change miners? We can do that too.

Fire Protection

Our enclosures have built in separation in case the worst should happen. Fire suppression systems are also available.


Our network operations team can monitor your site 24/7 and provide alerts and preventative maintenance schedules based on our sensors metrics.

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